This picture compression application instantly displays a preview of the compressed picture.

You will be surprised how much you can reduce your picture file size without any visible change of quality.

Thanks to the simultaneous comparison of the original and the compressed picture, you can precisely tailor the file size to your needs. A must-have tool.


  v1.6.3 (10.15+)

compress window 1 compress window 2


Watch a short video...

• Adjustable compression

• Simultaneous visualization of the original and compressed picture.

• Individual or batch picture compression *.

• Zoom on the previews.

• Efficient multi-thread engine.


✔ Reduce the weight of your attachments without reducing resolution. (average of 70% of reduction without visible loss of quality).

✔ Export your photos to an external device.

✔ Optimize the weight of your Web site or your blog.

* Drag Pictures to Dock Icon or use the "Open" button.